When is the Best Time to Buy a Property?

When investing, you are not buying an asset, you are buying time. Good investment assets appreciate over time. As we see currently with COVID-19 and in the past with other pandemics and economic hiccups, the GFC being a classic reminder, the investment markets all take a hammering only to recover and increase in value later when. When confidence returns to the markets, it soars. Stocks and property values return to previous prices and often surpass previous prices in a relatively short period of time. Well sourced and correctly managed ‘buy and hold’ assets will see them continue to increase in value over time, regardless of hiccups. Your job is to select the investment asset which not only always recovers but surpasses previous values.

Property is one such asset. Your home can not catch a disease or lose doors, bricks or windows because the bank CEO went to gaol. Your home stays right where it is and with you or your tenant in it!.

To date, stock markets have taken the brunt of the COVID-19 investment market jitters. Property has followed suit to varying degrees as owners and real estate agents who are already selling may be considering a drop in prices to attract buyers in light of the Governments’ reintroduced limited numbers on real estate gatherings at open home inspections and at on-site and public auctions. Furthermore, with unemployment forecasts predicted to be as much as 9-10% in the immediate to mid-term future, the forecast for property is gloomy…………unless you’re a buyer!!

if you are a serious buyer, contact us at PPBA to take the load off the time consuming task of finding and going through the process of buying a property.