Avoid Property Purchase Mistakes

Buyer’s Agents work for the buyer, Real Estate Agents work for the vendor. As such, Buyers Agents are dedicated to ensuring your property buying journey is as smooth and successful as possible.

Let’s have a quick look at what can happen if you go on that journey alone and it doesn’t work out so well. We want to emphasise the crucial importance of avoiding mistakes when buying property.

Buying a property is a significant financial and emotional investment and even seemingly minor mistakes can have far-reaching ramifications, costing a lot of both money and time. Remember, investments appreciate over time. When you buy an investment, even if you’re living in it, you’re buying time. If you lose that time to a mistake, then you are losing money.

Points to Consider:

Financial Costs

  • Overpaying: Paying more than a reasonable value for a property can lead to financial strain and diminished resale value. You can end up owing more than you own if your property dives in value. You’ve likely heard the saying, “You make your money when you buy property.” Well, that’s not altogether correct, however, it’s not a good start to lose money to start out.
  • Ignoring or not being aware of hidden costs: These can add up to many thousands of dollars. You need to know ALL costs involved in buying property, furthermore, you need to understand how this can affect your purchase.
  • Additional Costs: If you miss some of the additional costs, such as taxes, rates, maintenance, or homeowners’ association fees, then your budget can be severely strained.

Legal Complications

  • Skipping due diligence: Not thoroughly researching the property’s legal history, zoning regulations, or potential disputes can result in costly legal battles.
  • Incomplete contracts: Inadequate or vague contracts can leave you exposed to unfavourable terms or disputes with the seller. Just ask one of our recent clients whose settlement was severely delayed when a vendor made contractual obligations they couldn’t keep. Did we stay with the buyer to assist them right through the quagmire? Yes! Did I mention another $6K discount for the trouble?
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Inspection Oversights

  • Neglecting or conducting poor inspections: Skipping property inspections can lead to unexpected repair expenses, structural issues, or health hazards. How much would it cost you if you found that your new home needed restumping after settlement?
  • Relying solely on visual inspection: Superficial assessments may overlook hidden problems like mould, termites, or faulty wiring. Are you buying your property from photos sent by the real estate agent? PPBA Buyers Agents inspect all properties in person and write a comprehensive report for the property you decide on.

Emotional Decision-Making

  • Falling in love too quickly: Emotional attachment to a property clouds your judgement and leads to impulsive decisions. If that property with the great-looking lawn is asking $50K too much and you pay it, that’s going to cost you a lot of time and money.
  • Ignoring red flags: Disregarding warning signs or compromising on your priorities can result in long-term dissatisfaction. How happy will you be living in your new home with a huge cloud hanging over your head?

Financing Pitfalls

  • Not shopping for loans: Failing to compare mortgage offers can lead to higher interest rates and increased monthly payments. We know the lenders with the most products to offer and who you should talk to.
  • Overextending: Stretching your budget to the limit can make it challenging to cover unexpected expenses or achieve other financial goals. Many buyers end up in this situation. Premier Property Buyers Australia go out of our way to keep you within your budget and we tell you how when you become our client.

Future Planning

  • Neglecting your long-term goals: Not aligning your property purchase with your future plans can limit your options and flexibility. We fit what you’re buying now with what you may have already purchased and what you might be purchasing in the future. We help you set up your property portfolio.
  • Resale value: Ignoring the property’s potential resale value may hinder your ability to sell it at a profit in the future. We highly recommend and work hard with you so you buy the best investment-grade property that your budget will allow. That’s the best way to keep your potential resale value as high as possible.


The ramifications of making mistakes in a property purchase can be both financial and emotional. As your Buyer’s Agent, the primary goal is to guide you through the process, helping you avoid these pitfalls and make informed decisions that align with what you might already have and your future objectives.
If you have any questions or concerns or would like to discuss your property buying journey further, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Premier Property Buyers Australia. Your initial consultation is obligation and $$ FREE. Then we’re here to support you every step of the way.