What do you reckon most people would be doing now?

I reckon you know. They’re checking the papers, checking the TV news to see what they can find out about the coronavirus. Maybe there are a few who have taken a minute to thank their lucky stars they don’t live in Victoria.

I’ve already met many who are worried about their job, worried about the next pay packet, wondering how the bank will treat them and figuring out what they can put on eBay.

Any guesses what the well-off might be up to?

I can tell you; they’re running around like bulls in a china shop buying up bargains all over the place.

Things sure aren’t perfect at the moment and they know it, just like the rest of us.

Things could get worse and they know that too.

Where they differ from “most people” however, is that they know things will get better.

They understand that the State and Federal Governments are throwing money at the virus to hose down the effects.

Everything is on the table from major construction projects, red tape disappearing so business can get on with it and the cash payments to all and sundry. The rich are rich because they understand and use money better than “most people”. They know that when property bounces back, it will come back like the old hard rubber super balls from back when I was a kid.

When it bounces, they’ll be ready with property that they’ve purchased in the low period.

When the bounce comes and confidence starts to return, they’ll make huge amounts of money very quickly.

But there are a couple of things which might be standing in your way. Usually these are a lack of knowledge about what’s going on and how to take advantage of it. What about the amount of time it takes to search online, go to inspections all weekend and then again after work during the week.

Don’t forget to do a few appraisals. Do you know the best way to appraise a property?

Maybe it’s conducting negotiations with experienced real estate agents so you don’t pay too much.

If you lose that negotiation, you’ll be paying too much.

Let us handle all that heavy lifting here at Premier Property Buyers Australia. We can take the load off your shoulders so you don’t have to carry anything more than your bag to the front door after you’ve got the key.