Has this year been super busy or what?

Who would have thought that we would see a market like this in our lifetime and especially riding the back of a global pandemic?

As far as property searches go, some people are just “over it!”.

Having said that, there are the beginnings of signs that seem to indicate an ever so slight wane in the craziness. This does however seem to be more so signs within the real estate industry rather than out on the street. Out on the street, home buyers don’t seem to have noticed. There are still large numbers of buyers showing up at auctions who seemingly can’t throw enough money at auctioneers. Open homes are still receiving offers well above asking prices on the day and many are still being sold there at the open home. Real estate agents are having a tough time trying to find listings, hence the very low number of available properties on the market.

So, you thought toilet paper was the big panic buying item? Have you seen the queues outside open homes lately? Stood and waited in any? Many of our clients of late have come to Premier Property Buyers Australia with the; “I’m over it. I want my life back. Go and buy me a house” approach. It’s totally understandable. Buying a new home in this market takes a lot of research and can take a long time. I’m happy to say that all but our most recently signed on clients are in their own homes as we speak and the most recent ones aren’t far away either.

Here’s our solution to the toilet paper crisis.

Right, got that sorted, now let’s get on and get you out of those open home queues and into your new home or investment property. If you want your life back and a new home with good potential to go with it, hit the button below right now and we’ll drop around to let you know how it happens. Forget how busy it is out there and join the family at the BBQ.

We’ll do ‘busy’ for you.

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