are you waiting to buy property “after Christmas”? why?

We have spoken many times about the best and second best time to buy property. Remember this? “The best time to buy property was 20 years ago; The second best time is now”. ‘Now’, however, doesn’t mean ‘now sometime this year’ or ‘now when I get a raise’ or ‘now whenever I’m finally ready’. ‘Now’ has more a meaning of, “As soon as possible……if not sooner”.

So if you are able now, why would you wait until after Christmas to buy a property… everybody else is doing? So if you are able now, why would you wait until after Christmas to buy a property… everybody else is doing?

Let’s look at a couple of important property investment points

Yes, the lead up to Christmas is a crazy period. There are end of year parties all over the place, crazy shopping expeditions for presents, travel plans being made and generally lots of money being spent.

With all this, too much thinking is required and the last thing anyone wants is something else that they have to think about, let alone the huge amount of thinking that goes into buying a property.

I get it, really, I do. I think about property every day for a living.

Here’s the thing with investing in property after Christmas

If you wait until after Christmas, like everybody else is, when you go to buy your property, everyone else will also be there, trying to make your property their property.

Important Question

What happens when you get lots of buyers in the market?

Important Answer

All those who said, “upward pressure on prices”, go to the bar and shout yourself a congratulatory drink.

Lots of buyers in the market, especially lots of buyers looking at your new property, means very happy vendors who start pushing prices up as far as they dare. That means you have to pay a lot more money for your new property.

Why not get in ahead of everyone else?

Great idea! While everybody is “waiting until after Christmas”, you’re in there, have seen everything and made your purchase under much more reasonable conditions.

Premier Property Buyers Australia (PPBA) Look After You.

Would that mean that you have to think more in the crazy pre-Christmas period? No! That’s what we at Premier Property Buyers Australia do. We do all the thinking for you. 

We make sure that while you’re moving on with family, friends and life, we are doing all the:

  • Searching
  • Property and suburb / locality research
  • Property inspections
  • Suburb and property reports for the most suitable property

All the thinking, researching, looking, investigating, negotiating, home inspecting, report writing and anything else it takes to secure your new property. There is one thing we would like you to do; make the decisions. We do the leg work, provide you with advice and answers to your questions and you make the decisions. After that, you pack up the kids and go on holiday.

Let’s think of the vendors. Not really, but let’s think about what they are thinking about. They don’t want more things to think about leading up to Christmas either. Just like you and I, they also want everything finished so they can relax and go to enjoy their Christmas holidays with cash in their pockets.

At this time of the year, this point is a crucial consideration to include in your negotiation strategy. If you can give me a better situation under which to negotiate a property purchase, please drop me an email and let me know what that is. Aahh, you do have a negotiation strategy, don’t you? You wouldn’t just show up to spend hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars and just wing it, would you? Read about that here.

In Summary

Selling Before Christmas:

      • Less competition;

      • Lower or no pressure on prices;

      • Willing vendors;

      • Willing real estate agents;

      • Cunning Premier Property Buyers Agents

    Selling After Christmas:

        • Much more competition for the still low number of listings;

        • High pressure on prices due to the larger number of buyers in the market;

        • Vendors rubbing their hands with glee;

        • Real estate agents rubbing their hands with glee;

      You’ll still have the cunning Premier Property Buyers Agents working hard for you, but it may be harder for you to make your decision.

      Put simply, if I were able to buy now, prior to Christmas, I definitely would. In fact, putting my money where my mouth is, I already have. I’m not waiting to battle all those other buyers after Christmas.

      We’ve spoken previously about how buying any investment is actually about buying time. In buying before Christmas, you can buy a whole lot of time in one go because you’ll benefit from the rising prices after Christmas. This really is a case of the, “sooner the better”.

      To give you a hand with that, give us a call.