Just checking to see how you went on the weekend. I got to inspect 9 houses so it was a busy
weekend for me. That was also a lot of selling agents and even more buyers I got to speak to.

So, let’s talk about how much the selling agent does for you, the buyer.
Anybody? Anybody?
Ok nobody? Well, I can tell you……..nothing!
Well, that was a short conversation wasn’t it?

OK then, let’s talk about how much money the selling agent, is going to save you.
Hint: The higher the purchase price paid by you, the higher their commission.
Anybody? Anybody?
OK nobody? Well, I can tell you……..none!
An even shorter conversation.

Important: Buyers Test.

Score one point for each positive answer to these questions:

1.       How do you deal with an experienced and trained negotiator?
2.      How do you convince the selling agent that the property you’ve chosen is only worth the
amount you’ve offered and not the exorbitant amount they’ve convinced the seller it is worth?
3.       What do you do when you meet someone who is an expert negotiator and does it day-in day-
out for their job?
4.       How do you get access to cheaper properties that aren’t even on the market?
5.     What is your negotiation strategy for approaching negotiations for the property you’ve chosen?
If you scored 4/5 or less, sorry to say it, but you might be renting for the rest of your life. Here’s how
you can deal with that thought – look down at the floor, close your eyes and let this sink in for a
minute – 75 years old and still renting………….

I scored 5/5 because I’m a Buyers Agent and I deal with selling agents every day. I know their tactics
and I have a few of my own tactics to put the pressure back on them and the seller. If you scored the
same, well done! You could be on your way to financial freedom for you and your family.

A Buyers Agent works for the buyer. I can save you money, time and lots of hassle. Buyers Agents
are also trained and experienced negotiators.

Call or email me for a free 60 minute consultation today and start on the road to your own home or
investment property.

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