What if I paid you $6,000 to buy your home?

Not enough?

OK then, what about $16,000 or even $25,860?

Now what would you say?

What if I gave you even more than that?

Ask me about our client who walked into his new home in the middle of the Covid panic buying with around $50,000 in his pocket which resulted from our hard work to obtain his home off-market.

Have I got your attention yet?

It’s true, keep reading to find out how I do that or give me a call today for a FREE consultation and I’ll tell you how I can give you sooo much money.

So, you want to sell your house. You engage a selling agent and you pay them fees for that. That’s how they make their living, by selling houses and making buyers pay waaay too much for them.

Let’s face it, who are the selling agents working for? I can tell you it’s not you!

Selling agents work for the seller. The seller wants the highest possible price.

Selling agents are exceptionally good at representing their seller. It’s their job and they train for it.

Ever noticed how they’re always advertising their “record price in this suburb”…….for the seller? That’s proof that selling agents are great at getting the buyer to pay over market prices. Some poor buyer who didn’t do their due diligence paid that “record price”. Don’t let that be you. There’s no reason to pay record prices.

So, you want to buy a new home for your family or an investment property. Premier Property Buyers Australia (PPBA) is in your corner.

We work for you.

You need someone you can trust in your corner representing your best interest.

Contact PPBA if you’d like an obligation free chat about how I can put up to $25,860, or even more, in your pocket.