To quote a Classic Rock band, Inxs.

Just Think about that for a minute. What wings do you have?

Written by Michael Hutchence, these words, I believe, seemed to lead him to some frustration. If you listen to the way he belts out the words, he really tells the story of how we all have wings, but some of us are totally dumbfounded as to why we have them. Maybe some of us don’t even know what they are? Most of us probably don’t even know that we have them.

If you’re ready to fly, read on.

Good opportunities present only every so often. Yes, usual opportunities are always there for the taking and you should keep your eyes open for them and take them if you are in the right position to do so and they suit your purpose. What I’m talking about here however, is “GREAT” opportunities. These are the opportunities that, if managed well, can give your start to growing wealth a huge shot in the arm, or can give your already started programme the impetus to move forward in leaps and bounds.

Brisbane property is currently such an opportunity. Yeah, of course I’m going to say that. I’m in the property game. So, let’s call it a free tip. “The Brisbane market is currently HOT!” A simple way for you to check that is to jump onto or and do a property search for something you might want to buy. When the results come up, go to “filters” and scroll to the bottom. Tick the “exclude under contract/offer” box. Now watch as around half of the results disappear. Take out the properties that don’t really suit your purpose and you’ll have around 10% of your original search left. I know this for a fact because I did it this morning. I do it for my clients most days. Then go to your off-market sources and see the availability there also decreasing daily.

What is it then that makes Brisbane so attractive as a property purchase strategy that could take off in the next few years to the tune of around 10-30%, according to most industry professionals? Naturally, there’s the cheap money boom that we spoke of last week. That’s pretty significant, however, that is also an Australia wide opportunity. Here are a few other points to consider regarding Brisbane:

  1. Brisbane, or even Queensland’s clean, green and importantly Covid-free image. This will very likely pay big dividends with not only Australians wanting to move north, but to the multitudes of Asians looking to clean, healthy environments to rear their families and grow their businesses;
  2. Brisbane’s proximity to Asia being closer than Sydney or Melbourne. This facilitates business travel/transport and family reunion travel. Added to this, Brisbane’s proximity to the world renowned Gold Coast, as well as the Sunshine Coast beaches and play-grounds make for attractive living. No more than 1.5 hours takes you from Brisbane to anywhere between Coolangatta, Noosa and Toowoomba and the numerous beaches, national parks, wildlife, wineries, historical sites and other tourist attractions etc. thereof.
  3. For a number of years now, Brisbane has played second fiddle to the larger capitals from a growth perspective. The resulting disparity in property prices is being noticed by all and sundry who would rather buy two properties in Brisbane, than one, or a portion thereof, in Sydney or Melbourne;
  4. The “Big Country Town” is rapidly coming of age. A large number of infrastructure projects supply thousands of post-Covid jobs. An equally large number of entertainment and accommodation projects are providing attractions equal to the southern capitals, with less traffic and better public transport facilities;
  5. Weather! Yes, Brisbane actually has weather. A lot to be said for being beautiful one day and perfect the next. This, as opposed to the seemingly endless months of ‘freeze’ experienced south of the border makes Brisvegas an attractive option. That’s why I moved back here. That’s why many of my former Army comrades have retired here. Been to Canberra lately? Nice enough place, but…..Brrrrr……..
  1. Brisbanians. Yep, we’re a friendly, welcoming lot……hey? That goes well with newcomers. We knuckle down and do what is required and so missed the bulk of Covid. We felt appropriately sorry for the “Mexicans” during their Covid re-birth, (I’m sure we all did), and let them back in asap afterwards. In that respect, not all of the “Big Country Town” has departed as yet. Hoges can walk down the main St, say g’day and get a reply.

Anyone not figured out yet why we all have wings?

All of this above represents only some of the reasons that Brisbane is likely headed for the recently much vaunted property boom.

The reason we all have wings is: because we can all take this maybe once in a lifetime opportunity and fly with it. Honestly, this opportunity is one not to miss.

If you’re able to get into the property market, you will very likely make a lot of money over the next few years. If you need help getting into the property market, call PPBA or hit the button below. We can help. It’s our job to make your job easy.

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