How many “property experts” do you know?

Friends, family and workmates who all know the best property to buy, the best location and the best strategies. There are plenty of them and they are all ready and very willing to give you their advice. Here’s the best way to deal with all that free advice – ask them how many properties they own.

There are soooo many people out there who “want” to invest in property. There are also soooo many people out there who go to all the seminars, they read all the books, pay for all the online courses and get all the knowledge they can fit in, but then they never actually get around to buying anything. All the best intentions. No problem there. They are very motivated to “learn” all about buying property and property investing, but they just never actually get around to “doing” it. That doesn’t stop them giving you plenty of advice though.

Many people are afraid of buying the wrong property, afraid to face the bank manager, don’t like wasting all their weekends looking at available properties only to miss out when someone else beats them to it or they don’t like dealing with the selling agents. Maybe your partner isn’t quite on board with the whole buying a house thing. There are plenty of excuses to not get started.

There’s no point standing at the bottom of the stairs looking up. You have to take that first step to get to the top.

“Intention” and “action” are two vastly different concepts, especially when buying property. One can lead to success, happy retirement, also maybe early retirement, increase in personal wealth and a generally great feeling knowing that you’re well on the road in life. The other can lead to a never ending rent cycle, living on the old age pension and maybe more than a few regrets later in life. What’s the point that we’re driving at here?

The point is this:

If nothing changes, nothing changes!

You have to actually do something to change your situation. There is only one person who looks after your future and that is you. There’s also no point in taking on all that education and not putting it into practice.

That’s how it was when I bought my first property. There were so many things that I had never even thought about doing before, but I knew one thing for certain; if I didn’t get off my backside and do it, nobody else would do it for me.

The one thing that I did do, was assemble a good team so that I stayed on the right track. I had a good accountant, I looked around and found a good conveyancer and the same with a mortgage broker. With that experience on my side, I set out to start my property investment portfolio. Actually, I was just after a house to live in at first and it just branched out from there.

I have now bought eight properties in two States and one Territory of Australia and I have three holdings overseas of my own.

Do you think that’s what I started out to do? Do you think that’s what I was thinking right at the start when I was doing all that thinking……….and procrastinating? I can tell you it wasn’t. I just knew that if I didn’t get started and buy my house, I would never get started. I knew that not getting started would be a huge mistake.

Well, now I help other people to get started. The first few people I helped were some family and a couple of my old Army mates. Why? Because they didn’t know what to do, how to do it or where to buy. They were worried they’d get it wrong. It’s all good feelings for me now because they all have their own homes and a couple of them are now what we call – Investors.

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