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Are you thinking of buying a new home or investment property? Premier Buyers Agents can help you find the perfect property for your family and budget.

We specialises in finding properties in Brisbane, and across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and Canberra ACT.

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New Home Buyers

Buying your first home can be exciting but daunting. We guide you each step of the way from shortlisting properties, negotiation, making an offer, auction bidding, and contract settlement.

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Property Investors

Premier Property will help you design a sustainable investment strategy to maximise capital returns. We then select growth areas that will help you leverage equity to invest again.

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Migrating to Australia

Are you planning a new life in Australia? Premier Property Buyers can help you find the right home near schools, infrastructure, and employment centres.

Top 6 Reasons to Choose Premier Buyers Agents

We Are Right There With You

From start to finish, we take on the process with you as if it was our own property. We find the best deals and ensure we are working hard for you.

We Use The Latest Technology

We use the latest technology and our real estate agent network to find and research the best deals in the market. We also maintain constant contact with you and the rest of your A team.

Multilingual Communication

Wherever you are in the world Premier Property can help you buy property in Australia. Geoff Carter, our Principal Buyers Agent, is fluent in six languages and will provide you with a seamless communication channel in your preferred language.

Speedy Response Time

We aim for a stress free experience and are available around the clock during your buying property process.

Invest in a Buyer’s Agent to Get the Best Deal

We work hard to earn our buyers agent fee. Through careful due diligence and expertise, we will negotiate the best price for you. Premier Property is often able to negotiate tens of thousands of dollars off the asking price.

Free Consultation

To ensure Premier Property Buyers is a good fit, our first consultation is FREE from fees and obligation. We will help you discover your goals and aspirations while you find out how we work and understand our fees.

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Geoff is knowledgeable, professional, and so easy to work with. With Geoff’s help, not only I found the right property for my needs, but he also made the process a lot smoother than it would’ve been.

More importantly, he advised me against several properties that in hindsight, would not have been the right choice. His advice was always professional, astute, and flexible. I learnt a lot from Geoff and would recommend his service.

Dr Ides Wong
Petrie Terrace, Brisbane

Can’t Find What You Are Looking For? Let Us Help.

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Best Buyers Agent Brisbane

Experience the Difference with Premier Property Buyers Australia


Identify Your Property Requirements

We start with a FREE consultation to determine your exact requirements.

We ensure you are ready to go and how we can best work together to find that perfect home or investment.

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Property Search Qld

We find properties that meet your preferred location. We then deliver detailed reports on the best buys based on your criteria and budget.

While Premier Property specialises in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, we can also work on your behalf anywhere in Queensland.


Negotiate Property Price

When’s it time to negotiate for the best deal, we are right there with you.

Premier Property can also make bids on your behalf when a property goes to auction.

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The Best Strategy is to use a
Property Buyers Agent.

‘Buy And Hope’ Usually Doesn’t Get You Far.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Local knowledge is key to finding real estate deals. Premier Property are experts on the Greater Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast regions.

The Premier Property Team has detailed local knowledge because we are doing constant property inspections. We also maintain a network of selling agents which allows us access to properties that other buyers never see.

Our expertise helps us to negotiate the best deal for you.

You will not need foreign investment approval to purchase residential real estate in Australia if you are:

  • an Australian citizen (regardless of whether you reside in Australia or not)
  • a New Zealand citizen
  • the holder of an Australian permanent visa


However, if you are a citizen of another country please visit the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) websites for further advice. Foreign investors may need to satisfy a range of foreign investment rules before purchasing before making any property purchases.

Property strategists provide guidance to their clients to make a real estate purchase. These experts guide their clients through the buying, negotiation, contract settlement, and handover process.

As Brisbane’s best buyer agent, we represent you not the vendor. We work hard to get you the right property at the best price possible. We also assist you with due diligence and ensure the full process is completed to your satisfaction.

At the end of your property investing journey, there should be a goal that stays uppermost in your mind. It’s a bad idea to spend hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars to have a property sitting idle with no nett benefit for you.

This is why Premier Property Buyers Australia start with the end goal in mind, to help you build your portfolio, and retire with a reliable income stream.

The most popular investment property strategy is to buy and hold. This is where you accumulate capital growth in a property to borrow against for another property. Or you can sell the property down the track to release the nett equity after tax (be careful of CGT when selling) and selling costs. With this strategy it’s important to be careful of Capital Gains Tax (GGT) when selling.

Other strategies include:

  • Negative Gearing where you claim a loss against your taxable income. This strategy is popular with higher capital growth properties
  • Positive Gearing where the rental income and depreciation is greater than the costs such as your mortgage, property management fees, council rates, and land tax
  • Cosmetic Renovations where you change the surfaces such as the floors and repaint the walls. Typically these properties are flipped back to market for profit.
  • Structural Renovations where you make substantial changes to a property such as knocking down walls, adding new rooms, or raising the property and building underneath. This strategy is popular with investors and home owners who own Queenslander houses.
  • Passive Property Development where you buy a residential or commercial property as part of a group via a real estate investment trust (REIT) or other entity. The group nominate a project team to renovate and add structures for a shared profit.
  • Active Property Development where you are directly responsible for the creation of new land lots or residential or commercial properties. The responsibilities can include financing, project management, town planning, construction of new buildings, marketing, and sales.

Premier Property Buyers Australia can help you consider which property strategy is right for you. We take a step by step process to answer these questions:

  1. What is the benefit for you to invest in a property?
  2. What is your exit plan?
  3. How long do you intend to own the property?
  4. Are you renovating for a quick profit or holding for 20-30 years for capital gain?
  5. Will the investment property be your principle place of residence at some point? If yes, have you considered the capital gain tax implications?
  6. Will the investment property put more money in your pocket, or will it cost you money to hold?

Hiring a property buyer’s agent to complete due diligence on your property purchase is a sound strategy. But you should always do your own due diligence including seeking financial and legal advice. Only you will know your full situation in detail.

Don’t trust real estate agents. There are many who are doing their job well but their job is to get the maximum price for their vendor, not to look after your needs.

There are estate agents who just want your money and will tell you whatever is required to get it. You should also watch out for investment hustlers offering you free plane trips, legal costs and other marketing ploys.