Often the Questions is Asked, “Why Would You Use a Buyers Agent?”

When really the question is, “Why would you NOT use a Buyers Agent?”

Think about why people use a real estate agent to sell their property, a lawyer to go to court for them or an accountant to do their taxes. It’s because they are an expert in their field.

When a selling agent has a serious buyer in their sights, they can smell the money you are going to spend and they come after it.

They have seemingly magical ways of making all of your money evaporate from your bank account and waft across into the bank account of their vendor, after they take out their own big slice of the pie of course.

Tradition dictates that property sales have always been in favour of the seller. The real estate agent is a professional negotiator. It’s their job to make you pay  as much as possible for the property you want.

So what will you do to bolster your argument when negotiating with the selling agent?

You could always hire 300 Spartans.

I hear they go well in negotiating with the other side.

​The fact is that, here in Australia, buyers get no representation. The system is against you…….until now!

Premier Property Buyers Australia is not here to make you buy a home, we’re here to help you buy the right home for the right price when you’re ready to buy. Regardless of whether you’re buying your own home or an investment property……….or another investment property, we’re here to take the stress off your shoulders and save you time and money.

If you want to:

  • Find the right property;
  • Access all available properties, including off-market properties;
  • Obtain a correct and accurate valuation;
  • Not pay the seller’s price;
  • Save lots of money;
  • Win at negotiations with the selling agent;
  • Make this happen now, rather than in 8 months’ time; and
  • Maybe best of all – feel no stress during the entire process!

You need a Buyer’s Agent.

Contact PPBA if you’d like an obligation FREE chat about how we can help you get your own property. Call now: 0490 020 801.

We’ll buy the coffee.